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Plot of 3D Function

Generates a three-dimensional plot of a function depending on x and y.

Enter a function of x and y:    

Plot function for:    <= x <=   ,   <= y <= 


   with   Interactive rotation and resizing   

Save as: 

With file name:  

General options

Plot range: active only in static mode
(All - all points are included, Automatic - outlying points are dropped)

X:  Automatic   All   Specified    < = x < = 

Y:  Automatic   All   Specified    < = y < = 

Z:  Automatic   All   Specified    < = z < = 

Clip Fill :  active only in static mode   Automatic None

Boxed :   True False

Box ratios:  Automatic    Specified   

AxesEdge :
    Specifies on which edges of the bounding box the axes should be drawn.
    X :   Automatic None Specified :  
    Y :   Automatic None Specified :  
    Z :   Automatic None Specified :  

    axe1->axe2,  where axe1, axe2 = x, y, z,   states that the axe will be drawn between axe1 and axe2.
    The sign before axe1 and axe2 specifies whether the axe will be drawn on the edge of the box
    with a larger or smaller value of axe1 and axe2 respectively.

Axes label: active only in static mode

x label:    y label:    z label:   

Mesh :   True False

Lighting :  active only in static mode   True False

Plot color in Hue style:     The value of Hue must be between 0 and 1

Image Size:     specifies the absolute size of an image to render

Plot label:  active only in static mode  

Face grids: active only in static mode   All    None    Specified:

Right YZ plane    Left YZ plane    Back XZ plane    Front XZ plane    Up XY plane    Down XY plane   

View point:  gives the position of the view point relative to the center of the three-dimensional box that contains the object being plotted. The view point is given in a special scaled coordinate system in which the longest side of the bounding box has length 1. The center of the bounding box is taken to have coordinates {0, 0, 0}.

x :  y :  z : 

Aspect ratio:  active only in static mode
Default Automatic Specified : 

Setting the AspectRatio option changes the whole shape of your plot. AspectRatio gives the ratio of height to width.
Its default value is the inverse of the Golden Ratio - supposedly the most pleasing shape for a rectangle.
Automatic determines the shape of the display area from the original coordinate system.

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