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 SCOPES Project 7 IP 65642  





1:  Kick-Off  Meeting

February 26-28, 2002   at   IMI-BAS,  Sofia.



17:00-18:30 Technical discussion on the project




Discussion on the state of research and education in the partner  institutions



Computational Science & Engineering: Education and Research

List of the Participants


Chair: P. Arbenz


W. Gander

Scientific Computing for Computer Science Students


S. Markovski, M. Gusev

Education and Research in the Institute of Informatics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Skopie University


J. Tonchev

Training of Students in Dynamics Using MATLAB and Maple


P. Milanov, I. Mirchev

Education and Research in the Department Informatics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at SWU Blagoevgrad








   15:35  Break

Chair: W. Gander

15:45 P. Arbenz A Jacobi-Davidson Method for Solving Complex Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems
16:15 S. Markovski Quasigroup Transformations and Applications

V. Bakeva

On Codes Defined by Quasigroups
17:10 A. Lazarevska Simulation of an SO2 Air Polution Episode in the City of Skopje 
17:30 E. Popova Mathematica Tools for Analysis of Uncertain Linear Problems
17:55 N. Grigorova

Study of Enzyme-Kynetic Models Using Mathematica

18:15    Break

Chair: S. Markovski

18:30 N. Dimitrova Computation and Visualization of Fast-Decreasing Polynomials Using Maple
18:50 A. B. Andreev,  M. R. Racheva Some Eigenvalue Mechanical Problems Using FEM
19:10 S. Markov Algebraic Computations with Convex Bodies
19:30 M. Krastanov On the Small-Time Local Attainability of a Set

20:00  Coktail



10:00 - 12:30

Technical discussions on the project with the partners.