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    webComputing  is a service which provides automatic interactive computation and visualization. It is intended to deploy technical computing solutions, especially interval computations, through a web interface.

    The technology empowering webComputing is built upon webMathematica, an innovative new product of Wolfram Research that allows Mathematica to run on the server to provide the necessary calculations and graphs.

    Building this service was supported by the Swiss NSF Project SCOPES 7 IP 65642 "Establishing Computational Science and Engineering in BG and MK" and by the Bulgarian National Science Fund under grant No. IS-03/03.

    webComputing service is presently in its design stage. Now, you see only a few examples of what can be done. Our server will be permanently updated by new computational and visualization tools. Your suggestions and collaboration are welcome.

Polynominal Expansion
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Parametric Interval Linear Systems:
- Linear Dependencies
- Arbitrary Dependencies

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