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Why to use?

Plot an AE solution set of a 2-dimensional square interval linear system A.x = b, where each element of the matrix A and the right-hand side vector b can be either a number (floating-point, integer, rational, exact singleton, or a numeric valued expression) or a numeric valued Generalized Interval specified by its end-points.

AE solution sets, or solution sets of quantified interval linear systems, are defined e.g. in S. Shary: Reliable Computing 8(5), 2002.

A generalized interval GInterval[{a, b}] is interpreted in the following quantified way: if a <= b there exists an element of [a, b], if a > b every element of [b, a]. Thus the default input data below define a quantified interval linear system and the generated plot is of the so called controllable solution set.

Enter the elements of the matrix:

a(1,1) =   GInterval[ ]    a(1,2) =   GInterval[ ]

a(2,1) =   GInterval[ ]    a(2,2) =   GInterval[ ]

Enter the elements of the right hand side vector:

b(1) =   GInterval[ ]    b(2) =   GInterval[ ]

Show the solution set in the range: (obligatory for unbounded solution sets)
The specified solution set range can change the view of the solution set, only if the specified range is contained in the Exact Hull of the solution set.

 < = x(1) < =    ,    < = x(2) < = 

Color of the filling (RGBColor):   red part :    green part :    blue part : 

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