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Show::gtype: Symbol is not a type of graphics.
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General 2D Graphics Options

Plot range of the whole image: (All - all points are included, Automatic - outlying points are dropped)

X:  Automatic   All   Specified    < = x < = 

Y:  Automatic   All   Specified    < = y < = 

Axes :   X : True False      Y : True False

Axes origin : Automatic Specified    X :    Y :

Axes labels :   X :    Y :

Ticks :
Whether to draw tick marks if there are axes. You may specify the positions at which ticks will be drawn.

X :   Automatic None Specified :   (list of values)

Y :   Automatic None Specified :   (list of values)

GridLines :
Whether to draw gridlines. You may specify the positions at which gridlines will be drawn.

X :   None Automatic Specified :   (list of values)

Y :   None Automatic Specified :   (list of values)

Frame :   False   True

Frame labels :

Frame label down:     Frame label left:  

Frame label up:     Frame label right:    

Rotate labels : True   False   (whether to allow text in frame labels to be vertically positioned)

Plot label:

Aspect ratio :   Automatic 1 Specified :  
Setting the Aspect ratio option changes the whole shape of your plot. Aspect ratio gives the ratio of height to width.
The Automatic value is the inverse of the Golden Ratio supposedly the most pleasing shape for a rectangle.
The value 1 determines the shape of the display area from the original coordinate system.

Plot color (RGB color):  red part :    green part :    blue part : 
Specifies the default color to be used for the axes, the frame and the bounds of the set. The values of the color parts must be between 0 and 1.

Background (RGB color):  red part :    green part :    blue part : 

Image size:     The image has a width of the specified number of printer points


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