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Why to use?

involving affine-linear dependencies

Here you can solve parametric linear systems (square, over-, or underdetermined) that involve only affine-linear dependencies. The solution method is a generalized parametric fixed-point iteration.

Input data (the system matrix, the right-hand side vector, the parameters and the intervals wherein they vary) should be symbolic-numeric and must be specified in Mathematica notations. The system matrix and the right-hand side vector can be specified either as dense matrix/vector or as SparseArrays.

data from the last uploaded data files. To upload the necessary data files click here.

Active data files:    None

Manual input

Enter a parametric matrix row by row enclosed in curly brackets:

Enter the right-hand side vector:

Enter the interval values for the parameters by a list of rules:
Rules have the form rule[parameter_name, IntVal[numeric_value, numeric_value]].

Compute Optional:

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